Whole Egg Powder

Consuma Company is a leading manufacturer of egg powders for various branches of the food industry. All our egg powder mixes  are made ​​with fresh, powdered eggs. They are produced according to the highest EU requirements.

Whole Egg Powder

The whole production process in our egg powder production plant is fully automatic. Modern technological line provides a solution for the egg processing industry. The production process involves the following steps:

Liquid products:

  • breaking the fresh eggs and seperating the contents of eggs
  • filtering
  • pasteurization
  • cooling
  • drying
  • packing and storage of finished products

Every stage of production is carefully controlled and monitored. Washing production line is automatic according to CIP system, and the final product is stored in a warehouse. All these characteristics of the production process make our plant competitive on the market in the egg processing industry. The whole production process is controlled by State Sanitary Inspection and Veterinary Inspection.



In the field of quality we want to be perfectionists and from the beginning we put a priority on highproduct quality.Therefore, we implement in our company the following quality systems:

  • Hazard Analysis and Cricital Control Points HACCP
  • International Food Standard IFS
  • BRC

That is why we can offer the best quality product with wide applicaction in the food industry.

General information

  • How to use : It is suggested to dissolve 1 kg of powder in 3 l of water.
    1 kg of regenerated powder is equivalent to aprox. 82 pieces of hen eggs (weight:60 gr)
  • Potential allergens: Hen eggs
  • Statement about GMO: We state that the Basso company’s products are free from the Gentically Modified Organisms.
  • Radiation: We state that our products are not influenced by ultraviolet or ion radiation.
  • Packaging:
    Material: standard packaging consists of outer cardboard box or paper with polyethylen foil insert Net weight of product: 20 or 25kg or other according to customer’s order
  • Storage and transport condition: Store in dry, well-ventilated place at ambient temperature
  • Storage Time: 12 months from the production date
  • Application: Bakery, confectionery, pasta production, mayonnaise and dressing production


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