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Consuma also has in its offer products used in the production of mayonnaise, various sauces and dressings.

Processed egg yolk forms a thermally stable emulsion. Thanks to it the final product such as mayonnaise can be heated without damaging the emulsion. On the basis of existing recipe can be formulated new recipes that meet customers’ requirements regarding consistency, appearance and taste. The components of these new products are especially selected to be able to adjust to the needs of different customers in the market.


Egg yolk powder

Egg yolk powder is produced from fresh eggs and has exactly the same nutritional value. It is used in bakery, confectionery and pastry.  Egg yolk powder is especially used in the production of mayonnaise, various sauces, dressings and liqueurs. However, it is also widely added in ice-creams, cakes, pasta, etc.

Mayonnaise egg yolk

Mayonnaise egg yolk powder is a product obtained by careful selection of the proper ingredients. This specially prepared product provides an improvement in the structure of the final product. Also, the ready product has excellent emulsifying properties. Mayonnaise egg yolk is mainly used in the production of mayonnaise, dressings,  and sauces.

Most request use : Mayonnaise, sauses, dressings, ice-creams, french pastries, etc.

Packing: Cardboard box 25 kg with a polyethylene liner inside.

Label: Clear, legible, containing information: product name, net weight and gross weight, date of manufacture, batch number, expiry date, storage conditions, composition,  manufacturer’s date.

Storage condition: Store in a cool, dry place. Relative air humidity during storage not more than 65%, at temperature between 15 ° C-25 ° C.

GMO: Egg powder products do not contain genetically modified ingredients and do not require labeling of GMOs in accordance with Regulations (OJ of 2001. No. 76, item. 811, as amended.). 

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