Delivering to premium producers worldwide

We provide our egg products to wholesalers, bakeries, pastry, noodle and mayonnaise manufacturers, companies from the Ho-Re-Ca sector, food industry concerns home and abroad.

Delivering to bakeries, pasta makers and food producers…



  • Pasta and noodles producers. They use liquid and dried egg products in many types of production of pasta and noodles. Whole eggs are used in order to add fuller colour. Egg yolks are used to colour pasta products. Dried egg white is used as flexible binder when producing noodles. Consuma has also evolved enriched whole egg powder with added yolk for the producers of pasta. 
  • Mayonnaise,  sauces and dressings manufacturers. For this sector we provide liquid and dried egg yolk. For some producers egg yolk powder is flavored with salt or other ingredients based on customer’s preferences.
  • Bakeries and pattiseries are furnished with  products such as: whole egg , egg  yolk and egg white powders which are flavoured with sugar or  salt. Also the egg white is a suitable ingredient due to its character similar to whipped cream and high stability.
  • Meat and fish products. For these producers dried egg white is a popular ingredient due to its characteristic feature: the water retention. By using the dried egg white‘s excellent water retention character the cost of ingredients in recipes can be considerably lower.