Milk Powders

Consuma in its wide range of products offers skimmed milk powder, full cream milk powder, whey powder and different kinds of milk powders. Because of the market needs we have created milk powders which are cheaper alternative to pure milk powders. They are used for different purposes, depending on the final product that is produced. 

Milk Powders

They are cheaper alternative to milk with similar physico-chemical parameters. These products replace the traditional milk powder in 100%. 

Full cream milk powders

Through the use of vegetable fat in the production of full cream milk powders they displace traditional whole milk, because they have more competitive prices and longer shelf-life for further processing.

Product name Fat content Protein content
Whole milk powder C 26/26 26% 26%
Whole milk powder C 26/20 26% 20%
Whole milk powder C 26/16 26% 16%
Whole milk powder C 26/10 26% 10%


Skimmed milk powders

Skimmed milk powder is widely used in the whole food industry but especially in chocolate and confectionary industry. Skimmed milk powders are used in the production of fillings, wafers, yoghurt, ice-creams, margarine, etc.

Product name Fat content Protein content
Skimmed milk powder C 01/34 1,5% 34%
Skimmed milk powder C 01/32 1,5% 32%
Skimmed milk powder C 01/25 1,5% 25%
Skimmed milk powder C 01/20 1,5% 20%
Skimmed milk powder C 01/16 1,5% 16%
Skimmed milk powder C 01/10 1,5% 10%

Whey powder

Produkt uzyskiwany z odparowywania wody z serwatki słodkiej uzyskiwanej w procesie produkcji serów. Znajduje zastosowanie w wielu gałęziach przemysłu spożywczego.Gives proper colour to the crust, prevents slack-baked result, creates unique taste, gives appropriate lightness. It is mainly used in bakery production and confectionery. 

Most freqesnt use: Chocolate products, confectionery, ice cream, yogurt, cheese, cheese, cottage cheese.

Packing: Cardboard box or paper bag 25 kg with a polyethylene liner inside.

Storage condition: Store in a cool, dry place. Relative air humidity during storage  not more than 65% at, temperature between 15 ° C-25 ° C.

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